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Shawn Killaly emotes! Whether he’s backing the indie soul sounds of AHI, the folk leanings of the new school or the eclectic electric musings of his own projects, Killaly controls it all with his face. His drumming swagger and his unorthodox drum setups have travelled the world playing for letters (CBS, CBC, BBC, NPR, SXSW, NXNE), festivals (blues, folk, jazz, pop, rock, stuff inbetween, stuff outbetween), faces (yours) and hotspots that he can’t even remember. He’s been fortunate enough to share stages and tours with such notables as Mavis Staples, Michael Franti, Lauren Daigle, Blackalicious and The Cat Empire. He’s featured on recordings that are locked up in the Smithsonian and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (NMC). He’s been blurbed about in drum magazines that only drummers read. He plays Frankendrums, Frankencymbals, Evans drumheads, the air and, sometimes, himself. He finds E.T. fascinating. He likes owls because they make him laugh. That’s about it.

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